How to buy used motorcycles

How to buy used motorcycles

Automotive lovers intend to buy a used bike? Do not be easily fooled because the motor body that still looks good.
Here are tips on buying a used bike:
How to buy used motorcycles
How to buy used motorcycles (valuebike)

1. Market price check

2. Check the chassis number and engine.

For people who are in the ranks of the Jakarta Police please check the license plate number through SMS service Police service. Example: Metro B8118HJ Send to 1717 while residing in the territory of East Java police line, please type: JATIM L4444LY send to 1717.

3. Check the condition of the physical

Check the condition of the body, mirrors, bolts, etc., are all parts are original or not.

4. Check the condition of motor oil

Try to open and measure the oil that is in the machine. Make sure that the oil is not excessive, because the excess oil will make the engine sound became more refined, so as to hide the sound of the original motorcycle that may sound harsh or noisy.

5. Check speedometer

Make sure there are no cracks or any former demolition. See how many miles that have been taken by the motor. If more than 20,000 km, it can certainly be a lot of engine components that will be replaced soon.

6. Turn the engine

Try to turn the motor, whether it can be stationary or slow. Due to the condition of the engine trouble could not slow round about 1500 rpm.

7. Check the gearshift

Start the vehicle and note the position of the gearshift is difficult or not. If there is tough canvas signifies the motor coupling will soon run out. Then if the swishing sound when the motor is running, most likely the primary teeth of the motor will run out soon.

8. Check frame or chassis of the motor

Note the straightness of the front and rear wheel motors, and make sure that the frame or chassis of the motor is no kebengkokkan. Run around 40 km / h and hit the brakes a bit sudden to make sure the motor is not difficult to control. It is useful for detecting righteous chassis and handlebars or steering wheel shaft.

9. Check leakage

Keep trying older motors, motor run and after approximately 500 meters. Note whether the visible presence of oil that leaked through the sidelines of the machine. Or the presence of water leaking radiator for motors using radiator.

10. Check the condition of the electrical

Also check the electrical and lighting, if all works or lives, there is no damage to the components and the motor battery condition no problems.

11. Check the condition of wheels

Do check the condition of the wheels, alignment between the front wheels with the rear wheels, this is to assure that the chassis or frame is not bent, the motor to fall or concussion can cause bent the chassis.

12. If possible try to test ride

Ask the seller in order to try to ride it so we can tell if there are abnormalities or motor is not in handling or acceleration, etc..

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