2015 Toyota Prius use AWD Tech

2015 Toyota Prius use AWD Tech

Toyota Prius ready to present the all-wheel drive system, as written Autoexpress, yesterday (15/11). “Rear wheels are driven by electric motors included in the e-4WD system that can be rolled up to 59 kph. Target is the market that has the winter,” said the man in the Toyota.
2015 Toyota Prius use AWD Tech
2015 Toyota Prius use AWD Tech (autoguide)

Toyota sources also leaked that come trimmed weight about 70 kg. Sources largest reduction coming from the engine. 1.8-liter engine used today will be modified. Inverters and electric motors will be made more streamlined, yet capable of delivering more power. More than 90 mpg UK (74.9 mpg US ; 3.1 L/100km) and have CO2 emissions of less than 70 g/km.

The engineers still retaining batteries with nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion advanced technology for plug-in hybrid version. The parts are relatively cheaper and has a good performance, both in terms of energy storage and power delivery.

As a result, the latest Prius is not only go faster than the previous model, fuel efficient up to 31.8 kpl with emissions of only 70 g / km. The results were better 25 percent of the models are sold.

To design, Bonnet lowered to 90 mm ??so that change the face of the extreme. Major shift in the position of the A-pillars and roof, “the source said. With the new design, he acknowledges, cabin and luggage space to be more spacious.

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