Schuberth S2 Smart Helmet

Schuberth S2 Smart Helmet

German helmet manufacturer, Schuberth launching new products, Schuberth S2 with features SRCS (Schuberth Rider Communication System), a complete and integrated communication system installed and hidden on the bottom, making it easy to operate and make a smart helmet.
Schuberth S2 Smart Helmet
Schuberth S2 Smart Helmet (revzilla)

There’s Bluetooth antenna and receiver FM waves to communicate, it makes for receiving signals from both. Intercom system can also be used to communicate more than three riders. This antenna can also be used to share the data as GPS, MP3 and other features that require a Bluetooth connection.
Schuberth S2 Smart Helmet
Schuberth S2 Smart Helmet (vehiclepassion)
With this tool, communication or business receives a radio signal can be done up to a maximum distance of 700 meters. The voice command is a standard feature in this helmet, using software from Windows. It is worth 429 U.S. Dollar.


The SCHUBERTH SRC-System™ S2 guarantee ideal radio reception for you, it is already equipped with two integrated antennas to boost reception and a Bluetooth® connection.The S2 is by default equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SRC-System™ S2.

-Optimum reception quality at all times
-Bluetooth® antenna for wireless mobile, navigation and intercom connections to other SRC-System™ owners

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