2012 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) Shows The New Technology

Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) 2012 was opened 28 November 2012 for a journalist, a car show a much awaited by many.

The exhibition in the state of California, this is still less prestige than the Detroit (North American International Auto Show / NAIAS), the center of the U.S. auto industry. But for certain things, such as environmentally friendly cars, futuristic design and digital technology, LAAS more attractive and superior.
2012 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) Shows The New Technology
2012 Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) Shows The New Technology (spocomusa)

The reason, all the world’s major automakers have design studios in California, around LA. Hence, there is a special event at this exhibition, the “Design Challenge”. So not surprisingly, many car manufacturers show concept design in the form of sketches in this exhibition. In particular, the vision of their designers about the car of the future.

Now, The trend of technology or digital life is not less interesting, including growing Internet communication system in the entrance to the “heart” of the automotive industry. Incidentally Silicon Valley industrial center of the digital or electronic United States (the world), also located in the state. This is what makes the color more and different LA Auto Show. Moreover, computer component manufacturers aggressively introducing their products more attractive.

LAAS Committee in 2012 said, on Press Day 28 and 29 November, found a sophisticated car with today’s digital technology. Electronic or famous chip set company will showcase a variety of new products to be embedded in the car.

Not only that, special Faurecia Automotive Seat will introduce Urban Rhythm will bring or introduce thin seat made of thermoplastic responsive. Prowess, the surface of the material can change its shape according to the body posture of the passenger or occupied. Components of the seat, the backrest, cushion and head brace, in addition to providing a sense of comfort and protection in the event of a collision, the appearance is also interesting.

The new concept will be introduced “Trend set Cities”, the trend of interior inspired by Paris, Berlin, LA, Shanghai and Seoul translated form of material with different colors, shapes and patterns strung together with millions of combinations. No less interesting, use wood fiber.

Also no exhaust or engine exhaust, the heat used to warm the cabin Ford hybrid car developed jointly with EHRM. Even heat is converted into electrical energy, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

EHRM Faurecia also utilize technology, using a thin material, but the quality is still great because it also became stronger.
Also carbon composite structures used Aston Martin for rear deck and can reduce weight up to 7.5 kg compared to using glass fiber only 4 kg. Carbon fiber Fauresia 50 percent lighter than conventional steel and 15 percent lighter than aluminum.

Smartphone and tablet
The development of smart phone technology (smartphones) and tablets, forcing the automotive industry must quickly adopt it if they do not want to be abandoned by consumers. For this reason, more and more electronics manufacturer that was once only known in the world of computers or electronics, is now venturing into automotive.

As a result, not only the cockpit or dashboard, the instrument panel began to change her appearance and the driver and passengers can also access information at any time without having to remove his hands from the steering wheel.

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a consortium of electronics for cars, introducing technology that helps drivers stay focused on the road while dri while communicating with the outside world. The trick, using a “hand-free voice command” or voice commands.

Number one manufacturer of computer processors will introduce products that help motorists avoid traffic jams. Imagine, you arrive late for a meeting, while the heavy traffic jam! The system automatically recommend a car looking new route.

Intel also allows interaction between the smartphone with the vehicle easier. By using the connectivity in the car, along with a camera and sensors, auto informed via smart phone warnings, especially when parking.

Also uses barcode for smartphone with information systems in the car safely. Also take advantage of smartphones to virtual key “remote key less entry” to the car (now used for electronic devices in the home, television and so on).

Livio will introduce global entertainment that allows the driver to access the TuneIn app or Sprint’s. Means, car information system with smartphone or tablet today.

Qualcomm Technologies Inc.. introduced a modem that can provide emergency alerts on the highway. Including 3G and 4G/LTE wireless modem. Modem chip sets made by companies is directly embedded into the car’s computer will send a message that enables high speed. Information media appearances on the car more attractive.

Processor will also be demonstrated capability to stream movies were broadcast on the screen for children who are sitting in the back seat.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a Qualcomm Gobi (wireless modem), also allows the user to control the car from a distance, for example, turn on AC before getting into the car, helping the efficiency of energy use (electric cars) and navigation system by location.

Explained, from now on smartphone manufacturers to make products that can be integrated with information systems on the car. Currently, members of CCC has created Mirror Link technology, the standard for smartphone control via buttons on the steering wheel and and the screen in the car.

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