Tips on Choosing a Good Lubricant

Tips on choosing a lubricant for your vehicle in order to escape from a poor lubricant. Choosing a good lubricant that only need to consider two things :
Tips on Choosing a Good Lubricant
Tips on Choosing a Good Lubricant

1. As the recommendation of the car manufacturers.

It should be seen that the viscosity lubricant itself. Good viscosity lubricant such as 10:40, 5:40, 15:50 so depending on the manufacturer.

2. Performance specifications.

Performance of the lubricant specification itself must be considered as an international standard EPI and there is also a SN and SI.

Usually the only lubricant manufacturers do not recommend any one brand but there are a few brands. Because the brand of oil are not necessarily exist in other countries.

Substitution of oil itself is also advisable to follow the rules set by the engine manufacturer.

For example, the manufacturer recommends should be replaced every 5,000 or 10,000 then consumers have been changing the oil in his car. It is to keep and maintain the machine in order to keep it functioning properly.

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