2013 Honda Fit, an Efficient Compact Car

2013 Honda Fit, an Efficient Compact Car – In recent years, the demand for compact cars is growing because they provide benefits that are not offered by other cars. Most compact cars are fuel-efficient and low maintenance too. Their prices are relatively cheaper compared to other models. There are so many cars that fall into this category today, but the 2013 Honda Fit is one of the most reliable. You don’t need to doubt the quality because Honda ensures consumers would get everything they need. Not just a matter of affordability, but overall this car is impressive. It may not be the most efficient car as it uses four-cylinder engine, but it has been quite friendly to your pocket. The car is also comfortable to drive and can be used by all people.

2013 Honda Fit

There are many parts that make up the 2013 Honda Fit, but the functionality is the most important. It is inseparable from the nice packaging. This indeed is a compact car, but that does not mean you will get a limited cargo. In fact, the car provides a considerable cargo space, which is 57 cubic feet. There are some improvements that make the car more efficient. One example is the seat bottom can be flipped up and creates a space. You can store your luggage inside the space. The 2013 Honda Fit is one of the cars for the money. However, you may be undecided because newer cars offer more and simply outdo this car. All the new competitors offer everything from better brakes, more powerful engines, more beautiful interior, and much more.

But if you still want to use the 2013 Honda Fit, you need to know that the car also has features that are actually pretty good. The hatchback comes with 4 doors and there are 2 trim levels to choose from. The first is the Fit and the second is the Fit Sport. The Fit has all the standard features such as cruise control, keyless entry, 15-inch steel wheels, and many more. The Fit Sport is a little better although not too significant. On the Fit Sport model, you’ll find 16-inch alloy wheels as well as some additional features such as a rear spoiler and foglamps. Both models have features that are equally good, and they are also balanced in performance.

Both trims are powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder. You might think that the engine is not powerful enough, but it can generate 117 hp which is quite good and 106 pound-feet of torque. The 2013 Honda Fit is perfect for those who pay attention to efficiency. While both models have some different features, they are using a five-speed manual transmission. You can also choose the automatic version, so adjust it to what you need. The speed acceleration doesn’t disappoint at all, 0-60 mph in 9.5 seconds. The automatic version is not better, can only record 11 seconds within the same time range.

2013 Honda Fit 2

A compact car means nothing if the safety is not good. The 2013 Honda Fit has several security features that you will surely need, such as antilock brakes, airbags, traction control, and much more. From the security side, the car is quite reliable. Interior and design are always important, and the car has a stylish design. Beyond that, you may be somewhat less satisfied by the materials used by the car.

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