How to Tune Up Your 1995 KIA Sephia

How to Tune Up Your 1995 KIA Sephia – Are you an owner of the 1995 KIA Sephia? Old engines need to be tuned up to work optimally. It was the first Kia-labeled vehicle to be marketed in the U.S. But this is not the first car manufactured by Kia. Long before that, the compact Festiva hit the market. There are several things that becomes the key factors of the car, such as the 16-valve, 1.6-liter engine, and SOHC. If you want to do a tune up on the engine, you need to prepare some new components such as the ignition rotor, wires, and spark plugs. First thing you should do is to check on the spark plugs with a gap tool.

1995 KIA Sephia

Steps to Tune Up a 1995 KIA Sephia

This machine needs a gap from 0.039 to 0.043 inches. The next step to tune up 1995 KIA Sephia is you have to fix the plug that is not properly gapped. The trick is quite simple, you just need to narrow or widen the gap. This is only the beginning. You still have to do some other steps. Look at the thick rubber boot that sits between the spark plug and the wire. Your task is to examine one spark plug wire on the engine until you get to the thick rubber on the front. Once you find it, pull the wire boot gently to release it. You need to remove the spark plug from the engine. There are two tools you can use here, which are spark plug socket and ratchet. Now you have a new spark plug in your hand, thread it into the machine. If you feel like you are being resisted while doing this, you can disconnect the spark plug as soon as possible and retry the step once again. You have to tighten it around 11-17 foot-pounds. To do this, you need the help of a torque wrench.

More steps to Tune Up a 1995 KIA Sephia

There are still a few more steps that need to be done for tuning up 1995 KIA Sephia. Next is check again the spark plug wire before that you disconnected. Follow it to reach the distributor. The next stage is also very crucial, that you have to pull it out of all the routing clips you find. See again the rubber boot, and then pull it away from the distributor. Put the spark plug wire on the floor. The next step is you need to install the new spark plug wire. Take dielectric grease, then apply one drop into the wire’s boots. Flatten the grease using a screwdriver. Adjustments need to be made where you have to align the tip of the spark plug wire. Press the boot with strongly until it snaps into place. Connect the new wire to the spark plug, and attach the wire with all the routing clips. Now you have to align the other boot to the other end of the spark plug. Press the boot again until it snaps into place.

That’s how to Tune Up a 1995 KIA Sephia.

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