That’s how to Clean and Wax Your Car Properly

How to Clean and Wax Your Car Properly – Compared to a few decades ago, today’s cars are more reliable. But cars now require substantial maintenance. And we know that a car’s look greatly affects its market price. Under this condition, you should protect your investment by providing the best care to your car. There are several things you can do to clean and wax your car. The first you have to scrub it down correctly. When your car gets dirty, you should know that it’s not just dirt sticking on its body.

clean and wax your car

There are many things that affect stains on the exterior of your car. Acid rain and pollutants is the most common problems that we find every day. Thankfully, today’s cars have a very good build quality. They are usually covered with a coat as a protection from the main layer. It is very important to clean and wax your car, and you have to do it from this section. You can do things to make the outer layer more durable. You should clean it regularly in order that it’s free from pollutants and corrosive acid water.

More tips to clean and wax your car

This also applies to the interior of your car. If you do not clean the part, then it will look dirty and unsightly. Do not just think about the exterior because the interior can also become very dirty and thus making it look like a primordial swamp. You can start from the cloth seats. Wash those parts with shampoo to be free from dust and dirt. The most important to clean and wax your car is you have to use shampoo and tools that are designed specifically for cars. Do not use hair shampoo or soap because they can damage the protective layer of the car’s interior. Do not ever think to wash your car with detergents because they contain strong chemicals that will not suit the car.

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Every part of the car’s interior has a different cleaner. You can buy a special cleaner for the leather seats, and then coat them with conditioner. To maintain your car’s investment value, you also have to provide the best care for your car. You can apply protectant on the dashboard. While it’s great for dashboard, but protectant will make the steering wheel becomes slippery. So don’t use it in that section as well as rubber pedals. Another tip to clean and wax your car is not to wash the car under direct sunlight. This is because the sun will dry off water on the car quickly and cause spots.

Well, that’s how to clean and wax your car properly.

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