Toyota i-Road Electric Pod, a New Driving Sensation

Toyota i-Road Electric Pod, a New Driving Sensation – Been a long time we’re waiting for an innovative vehicle that will change the way people driving. If you’ve ever watched a classic movie entitled “Brazil”, you should be aware of the unique vehicles that appear in the film. The unique dystopian cityscape is now present in real life with a three-wheel concept which is rarely found in other vehicles.

Toyota i-Road electric pod

Toyota i-Road Electric Pod design

Toyota kicked off the automotive industry with its new release, the Toyota i-Road electric pod. The car is a half the size of a normal car. This is an unusual size for a car. Many manufacturers are thinking of ways to create cars that aren’t too big, but not too small like motorcycles. That is why now the Toyota i-Road electric pod is here with us. Motorcycles have advantages compared to cars. They are easier to escape from traffic jams. When you drive a car and then seeing a jam on the road, there’s nothing you can do but wait until the jam is spilled by itself.

The first impression of driving the car is you will feel as if you are in a sci-fi vehicle. That is mainly due to such a design is relatively new so you have to get used to it. The car is really compact because it is only 850mm wide, probably the same as your motorcycle. The design allows you to navigate in a crowd. Being in the car is a unique experience, and the space feels so narrow, especially if you drive big cars everyday. The car doesn’t use gasoline as it’s fully electric. Comparing the Toyota i-Road electric pod with other electric cars, you will feel that this car has good acceleration. This performance is supported by two 2kW motor in the front. You can easily run this car with its instant thrust.

Toyota i-Road electric pod 2

Toyota i-Road Electric Pod interior

Although it looks so futuristic from the outside, but the interior isn’t too complex. In fact, the car is quite easy to operate. They don’t use a handlebar that motorcycles use. To provide comfort, the company installed the steering wheel on the Toyota i-Road electric pod. The car sounds so quiet, so that pedestrian may not realize that the car is around them. It’s certainly not quite good in terms of safety.

Another part that needs to be observed is the ride and handling. With its lightweight design, you might be a little worried about how the car would perform in corners or high speed. This is not much of a problem for big cars because they are wide enough to hold their loads. Fortunately, the Toyota i-Road electric pod is fitted by active Lean technology. This feature will keep the car stable even when running so fast. Microchips are attached to determine how much lean is needed when the car is cornering.

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