Which is Better Between CVT and Automatic Transmission?

Which is Better Between CVT and Automatic Transmission? – We want to review a little about CVTs. Maybe you’ve heard this term already. A CVT stands for continuously variable transmission. This is an automatic transmission that facilitates you in various ways. It provides better fuel economy as well as softer steering. Basically, a CVT has a system similar to an automatic transmission.

CVT and Automatic Transmission

The difference is that it does not use gear ratios as owned by an automatic transmission. You don’t need to change gears or hear the transmission change. When the car is in motion, all you hear is a sound that’s a bit noisy, especially when you step on the gas pedal to the max. You can adjust the acceleration easily and save fuel. You may feel confused when you first try it, but you’ll get used to it by practice.

CVT or Automatic Transmission?

So, which one is actually better between a CVT and an automatic transmission? CVTs were first popular for motor scooters. If you often ride this type of bike, you may find it easy to drive a car with a CVT. There are several reasons why people do not like CVTs, the first is that the sound made as if the engine in its peak power when the car is driven. It sounds so much like the clutch is slipping.

You will be familiar with the sound that CVTs generate if you already get used to manual transmissions. And when we look closer at the throttle, we barely find any problems there. That’s because CVTs are designed that way. The engine is designed for narrow rev range. The second problem that people find on this transmission is the driver can’t change gears. If you are accustomed to using a manual transmission then switch to a CVT, you will need time to adapt to it. However, this issue has been resolved. Some manufacturers equip their CVT cars with a sport mode, meaning that you can still change gear even if it’s just a simulation.

CVT and Automatic Transmission 2

The reason why you should use a CVT over an automatic transmission is because it’s fuel efficient. The system is designed so that the fuel consumption becomes more efficient. If your main goal buying a car is for its efficiency, then this transmission is perfect for you. This is not only better than the manual transmission, but also traditional automatic transmission. Why? It puts a torque converter instead of a clutch to drain power from the engine. So now you know why you should choose CVT over an automatic transmission. Engines can’t maintain constant power at different speeds. They are influenced by the connection among torque, speed, and fuel efficiency. Because a CVT does not use gears, it could reach maximum power but with better fuel efficiency.

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