2013 Ford Focus Brief Review

2013 Ford Focus Brief Review – People increasingly like small cars. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers innovate with small cars bringing unique features. You may want a small car that’s not only good-looking, but also full of features at an affordable price. If that was your criteria, the 2013 Ford Focus will probably satisfy you.

2013 Ford Focus

The design of the 2013 Ford Focus

The car has attracted attention since the day it debuted. But what can you find in the newest generation of the car? The most evident change is its nameplate. Last year the car was also getting rave reviews from critics and consumers. It was one of the best cars in many ways. There are many advantages offered by the car. What are the most obvious of the 2013 Ford Focus? The first is the car is a combination of curves and creases. The front-end looks very aggressive and belligerent.

There is a new addition that you can enjoy on this car, the thin front grille. It borrows concepts owned by the 2103 Escape. While the car looks pretty in its exterior, you may think that it is too stylish. But at least the car exudes a luxurious and attractive feel. The vents designed in a vertical way look fresh and original. The scrulpting also makes the 2013 Ford Focus stand out from other small cars on the market today. There are two body styles created for the car, the first is a four-door sedan, and the second is a five-door hatchback. You can still equip your car with a variety of trim levels which would make the car look even more dazzling. But, we think that the car looks very fit with Titanium trim.

2013 Ford Focus 2

While it is beautiful from the outside, the interiors feel like what European sport sedans would have. Its regular version already has a good base of the front seats. But you can improve that part with better sport seats for the Titanium model. You can choose the hatchback or sedan because both models have back seat accommodations that are equally the same. Both models provide spacious headroom and legroom. Another interesting thing from the 2013 Ford Focus is the leather upholstery it uses. You may not be able to get comfort such as those offered by the other mid-size sedans, but that’s good enough for six-footers. Each car certainly has its drawbacks. What we see of this car is the instrument panel design should be more organized so it doesn’t feel like it cuts into front knee space. With its fabulous design, what engine would you expect to power the car? The car is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The engine is capable of producing 160 HP and 146 pound-feet of torque.

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