A List of Groundbreaking Car Technologies This Year

A List of Groundbreaking Car Technologies This Year – Currently, a range of new technologies are discovered and all of them are very helpful for automakers. The first technology is super plastics. We already know that carbon-fiber composites remain a major option today. But suppliers are looking for a new mix that may have a positive impact on performance collision as well as reducing weight. In that regard, there are a lot of materials such as BASF, Bekaert, and voestalpine unite to create thermoplastics. Many parts are now made of steel-reinforced plastic, such as bumper beams. It allows automakers to produce cars with remarkable energy-absorption. In addition, the structural-integrity is also improved so that it can reduce the cost of production. Some carmakers now use new materials such as faux woodgrain to add aesthetic.

groundbreaking car technologies

groundbreaking car technologies: range-anxiety killer

Another this year is range-anxiety killer. Every electric car owner must feel worried if they run out of power while driving the car. This new technology is able to overcome the anxiety and now you can drive electric cars more freely. This is basically charging infrastructure that is improved. There are many advantages that electric cars get by using this technology. They will also get mileage extenders onboard. There are some big names who have been experimenting with this new technology, namely Lotus, Mazda, and Audi. This is an important solution, although it is still in the production stage. The new technology will make the highway range more comparable to cars that are powered by gas.

The next groundbreaking car technology is wheeling and dealing. Ferdinand Porsche had a brilliant idea of ??building a hybrid’s electric motors that were able to provide more space in the car. This is certainly useful for those who need more space for batteries and passengers. But many carmakers don’t dare to try this technology because they are afraid that it affects weight. Because many people assumed that way, Lotus Engineering cooperated with Protean Electric to do a research. Both made a series of tests for a standard sedan and one that was supported by the wheel-hub motors. The study revealed that extra unsprung weight causing performance degradation is not significant and average drivers will not feel it.

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groundbreaking car technologies: the lead out

There are many groundbreaking car technologies that get us excited. You probably know that it is effective to turn off the engine for a better mileage. That pretty much has become a standard procedure. However, it usually requires more robust electrical systems. Thomas Edison invented NiZn in 1901, and it was expected to replace lead-acid batteries. The main reason behind it is because the battery is able to deal with aggressive duty cycles. PowerGenix battery that produces NiZn claims that NiZn can double the life of lead-acid batteries.

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