How to Apply SurfaceGard Penetrating Sealer

How to Apply SurfaceGard Penetrating Sealer – If you require a product to repel water and oil, you can try SurfaceGard penetrating sealer. It works by soaking into any surfaces. Another advantage of this product is to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. You can use it for floors or any surface.

SurfaceGard penetrating sealer

You don’t need to worry because this product is nonabrasive and doesn’t cause odor. The important thing is you need to apply it correctly so it can last long. So what should you do to install SurfaceGard penetrating sealer? The first is the preparation step. You have to know what circumstances are best for the product. The first rule is to never use it on wet and dirty surfaces. You have to clean the surface from wax or acrylic before applying the product. This must be done because dirty surfaces can hinder the product to seep into the coating. Now we can find a wide variety of cleaners, you can choose one that best suits your car. Ensure that you let the car for 48 after cleaning it. After that, you can start applying the product. We suggest you to wear clothing and shoes when applying SurfaceGard penetrating sealer.

You have to be careful in applying the product. It’s better to apply with a new applicator. To help you work faster, you can involve a mop, brush, or sponge. Apply the sealer in a vertical way from top to bottom. Let the SurfaceGard penetrating sealer for 5 minutes until it penetrates thoroughly. After that, remove the excess so it doesn’t streak. You should consider the type of surface you want to work on. If you want to apply the sealer on hard surfaces, you can go with one coat only. But if you want to apply it on a surface that is porous and prout, you can add up to 2 coats. Give sufficient interval between each coat. The next important step is to test the sealing. Let the sealer dry by itself. Don’t speed up the process with a blow dryer or other tools. If you still see some sealer excess, remove it with a sponge. You can test the surface by sprinkling water on it. You should also pay attention to the grout release. Basically, the product can be used as a sealer pre-grouting. You need to coat each tile with the sealer so that it is easier to clean. One gallon is sufficient to coat approximately 1000 square feet of surface.

SurfaceGard penetrating sealer 2

You need to maintain your car carefully. Wash it on a regular basis with a cleaner designed specifically for surfaces covered in sealer. Avoid using cleaners that can damage the coats, especially those containing ammonia, acids, and abrasive. If you do that, the sealer will lose its ability to repel water. You can not equate a sealer with a water-proofer. A sealer lets you to clean up stains faster. But if you spill wine on the surface, it will stain. Normally, sealers can last up to more than 10 years if there are no serious problems.

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