New 2013 Audi Allroad Review

New 2013 Audi Allroad Review – If you want to have the car, you should know that it is not for off-road use. To corroborate this statement, the car doesn’t have low-range gearing. It also doesn’t have a height-adjustable suspension as we can see in the first generation of the car. When a car is made specifically for off-road use, then it will have good controls for hilly roads. And it can’t be found in the 2013 Audi Allroad. The good thing of the car is the skid plates made of stainless-steel. It makes the car look shiny when exposed to the sun. When you compare the car with the Montpelier shuttle bus, it feels more modern and luxury. The cabin also is another good point, is made of high quality materials. There’s nothing special in the Leather upholstery.

2013 Audi Allroad 2

The car runs through gravel driveways with the support of a 2.0-liter turbocharged. The engine can generate 211 horsepower. While it’s not able to make the car run like an off roader, you will feel quite happy with it. It is easy to drive and may correspond to your expectation. The engine is also responsible for the 258 lb-ft of torque, it is pretty decent though. In addition, the car can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 6.3 seconds. It is on par with the time of the A4 Avant. The 2013 Audi Allroad weighs 3900 pounds. It’s quite affecting the top speed, and the VW with 2.0 diesel may suit the car more.

2013 Audi Allroad features

Handling is also worth attention. It feels so competent, but it’s not a definition of sporty. We can always make a comparison between the 2013 Audi Allroad with the Avant. The Audi is slightly longer and taller. It relies on its front wheel for cornering. Finding cars with light steering is not hard nowadays, and it also applies to the new Audi generation. Compared to previous generation, it is now more tactile and electrically boosted. You will also feel that the ride is firm, but it feels heavy for its 18-inch rolling stock.

2013 Audi Allroad

There are a few revisions on the new car, such as the improved MMI functions and LED daytime. Another change can be found in the center-stack buttons. Cars are getting richer when it comes to features. The 2013 Audi Allroad now features Audi Connect, something that will help you get through jams and monitor traffic in your area. The new technology lets you surf the internet right in the car and use Google Earth. As we mentioned before, it comes with steel and plastic accents. But the exterior is more beautiful with aluminum roof rails. The car has a starting price of $ 40.49. You can make the car look more attractive with many extras such as side sills and fender flares.

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