Why it is Important to Have Car Seats for Your Kids

Why it is important to have car seats for your kids – Security is a crucial factor when we drive a car. If one of your passengers is a kid, we suggest that you have a car seat for him / her. Kids are very hyperactive, so you still have to keep an eye on them while in the car. Kids especially under 7 often don’t know what they are doing. When they are in the car, they may be curious to open the window to see the views outside the car. This is very dangerous especially if you are driving on the highway where all cars speed up trying to catch one another. Research shows that accidents are the leading cause of death in kids, especially those below 14 years. This is why you need to have car seats for your kids. Car seats have the same functionality as seat belts. They serve to absorb shocks that occur during an accident. So if you put your kid in the car seat when traveling by car, fatal accidents can be avoided. Right before you start the car and start driving, you have to buckle your kid.

Benefits of car seats

have car seats for your kids

It is not only important to provide car seats for your kids, but they also must be high quality. There are different kinds of car seats are designed for children of different ages. Newborn babies who weigh up to 25 should be protected with a rear-facing infant seat. You can extend it until your infant enters the age of 2 years. Above this age, you can switch to a forward facing car seat. This kind of car seats can hold babies weighing up to 80 pounds. Your kid should stay in his car seat during the trip.

For older kids, you can give them booster seats. One important fact that you should know is the car seat should be placed in the rear seat of your car. So if you have a car seat installed in the front, go move it now. The problem that often arises is when we install a car seat. This should not be a big problem if you read the instructions carefully. A manual book usually describes steps to install a car seat properly. If you are still confused after reading the instructions, you can hire a technician to do that or find someone (perhaps your friend) who has already used car seats.

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Indeed, car seats are important for your kids. But you should pay attention because each state comes with different regulations regarding car seats. But in general, parents must always provide a better safety for their kids. One way is by installing a car seat in the car. Law would crack down on parents who shirk their responsibilities to provide security to their kids. The laws and consequences are different in every state, but laws are strict about cars seats, so stick to it.

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