Funny Vehicle Joke: A Stress Repellent

Funny Vehicle Joke : A Stress Repellent
When we are talking about vehicles, there are thousand things that we can talk about. The features, hobbies and sophistication are usual thing about vehicles. Those things are extremely yesterday. How many of you think that talking about vehicle seriously may trigger stress? Hence, let’s reveal the other side of vehicles. It is all about the jokes. How many vehicles jokes do you know? Stop being serious and join us in a funny moments. It is time to laugh together by sharing some funny jokes about vehicles. Get your stomach ready since the following vehicle joke is more than funny.Funny Vehicle Joke: A Stress Repellent

Are you ready for the first joke? Well, it is started with a cardiologist who visited a workshop and met a mechanic. He intended to have the mechanic took a look at his bike. After few moments waiting for the mechanic, the cardiologist was called by the mechanic who was working on a Harley motorcycle. The mechanic conceitedly said that he was successful to repair the engine. He opened the heart, took the valves out and made any reparations to the damage and put the engine back into the place. As a result, the engine worked like a new one.Funny Vehicle Joke: A Stress Repellent

So far, the cardiologist did not understand what the mechanic wanted until he said another words. The mechanic protested about the pay he got. People paid him a low salary for his hard work of repairing motorcycle engine; meanwhile they paid much more money to the cardiologist who did the same thing. The mechanic thought that what he did is similar to what the cardiologist did, by taking out the heart, fixing the wrong thing and put the heart back in. Hearing this, the cardiologist just smiled and said to the mechanic, “Try to do it with the engine running.”Funny Vehicle Joke: A Stress Repellent

Funny Vehicle Joke : A Stress Repellent
What do you think about the joke? Is it funny enough? Well, there are some other jokes related to the vehicles. How could people make a joke related to the vehicles? Some funny jokes about vehicles are made to repel the stress of the bikers. After being tired to ride their bikes, it will be much refreshing to hear a joke, isn’t it? Do you have another joke about vehicles? You should share your joke with your families, friends, or other people and share the laugh. Enough for now, See you on the next joke of vehicles and keep smiling.

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