Funny Ways to Ride Motorcycle

Motorcycle has become very popular worldwide. Especially in a developing country, motorcycle becomes the best solution for their transportation. Motorbike is chosen because it is quite practical and economical.  As it is ridden by thousands of people, various ways to ride motorcycle emerge. If you live in a country with thousand numbers of motorcycles, you will find some unique and funny ways to ride their motorbike. Have you ever seen a motorbike with about four or five people over it? Or people do weird thing with their motorbike? Find out more about some unique and funny ways in riding motorcycles.

What comes to your mind if you see a sheep in a motorbike? Is the sheep riding the motorbike? Do you think that you are seeing a cartoon scene? Carrying a sheep with a motorbike is quite usual if the farmer does not have any cars. It is effective and fast though risky. Everybody agree that this kind of scene is very funny. You take the sheep in front of you and you sit behind the sheep. If you want to do this, you better do it not very far from home. Instead, police will catch you for driving carelessly.

Another funny way in riding a motorcycle is making it as a mass transportation. You carry numbers of people at once. Standard motorcycle is allowed to carry two adults. But, what about carrying kids? There is a picture that shows a man riding motorcycle with four kids at once. Two kids in front of the man and two kids behind him. What am I supposed to say? That is ridiculous and risky. But, the man and the kids seem enjoy their riding. The man should open his new business in school transportation because he seems to be expert on it.

If it is funny enough, wait until you see a man sleeping on his motorcycle. Does not he have a bed? Or perhaps he is so flexible that he can adapt very easily everywhere and every time he goes. It can be a good idea to protect your motorbike from thief. You buy it, you keep it and you sleep on it. That is a very smart idea, isn’t it? Well, just kidding. There are some other funny ways in riding motorcycles, but it is impossible to share all of it. See you on the next funny facts of motorcycles.

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