2015 Honda HR-V Video

Honda HR-V Video

Honda CRV Video The official launching is closer, PT Honda Prospect Motor preparing a special video for HR-V. Hondaism account in YouTube provides 15-second teaser.

In the teaser shown fragment of HR-V which will be officially rolled in January 2015. The title of the video, “The Excitement Begins!” Arouse curiosity about any complete explanation is a mainstay of the B-segment crossover in Indonesia.

For the full version and features that will be carried, including the specification and picture of the interior. Starting from a digital control panel with touch system, the lenght of air conditioning panel had the different gusts, and security features.

HPM has been showing first HR-V in 2014 IIMS ago, then brought roadshow to several cities in Indonesia to attract enthusiasts, before the official launch in January 2015.

Price was already released with various types;
– A M / T Rp.243 million,
– S M / T Rp.257 million,
– S CVT Rp.267 million,
– E CVT Rp.288 million,
– Prestige 1.8L CVT Rp.355 million.
Honda HR-V – The Excitement Begins!

Honda HR-V Official Video Indonesia 2015

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