2015 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive Review

2015 Hyundai Sonata Test Drive Review

The all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata may exist the only automobile I be acquainted with of which has a pianist healthy, a recording of 1 who greets you when you unlock the door. Maybe you will discover others, other than the faux sophistication is actually in-your-face strong point, it’s unfeasible in arrange to ignore. It’s immediately one instance of Hyundai’s effort to provide its bread-and-butter midsize sedan a distant additional chic picture in its ever-competitive section. Another is the brands brand novel beveled and bolder outdoor method, which debuted on the Santa Fe intersect this long-ago day, and the Sonata wears this healthy. Sure, in profile, it may exist some of a half-dozen vehicles, and they’re all high-quality penetrating ones. But the Sonata’s encounter is distinctive.

2015 Hyundai Sonata

The interior too gets a distant additional grave seem, with the kind of driver-centric dashboard explain you scrutinize in high-end sports sedans. The materials and quality aren’t fairly awake to which typical, other than it’s a pleasant sufficient mark to expend the day. And it’s Titanic ally roomy; the cubic recording technically pushes the Sonata to the large-car segment, probable to the chagrin as of the full-size Hyundai Azera, which is immediately one cubic base better inside. USB and Bluetooth are usual on top of every one neat level, at the same time as navigation, climate-controlled leather seats as healthy as sunscreens for the rear entrance windows have been in the offing.

Not awful intended for a car which has an early cost of $21,960 the lowly in its class and a few hundred bucks fewer than concluding year’s Sonata. A 6-speed habitual transmission is unaccompanied obtainable, and the base engine is actually a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder. On 185 hp it matches awake completely by the competition, other than it’s a modest overmatched through the Sonata itself. It doesn’t like to pull absent and pass, other than it gets awake to 37 mpg on the road 35 mpg in the activity replica that I experienced, which has become the one you’re most probable to acquire otherwise rent. If you require a bit additional kick, a 245 hp Turbo Sport can exist obtained for $29,385, the length of with an Eco intend pending in descend which has a 177 hp 1.6-liter turbo and adds a few mpg.

A security wrap up with 360 levels worth of sensors and alarms helps uphold you from running keen on points, and a radar cruise manage scheme does that after you’re going as the crow flies in front. My test automobile had none of those, nor did it have the real Sonata’s attractive novel routine trunk-opener, which pops the lid when you situate after that to it for three seconds by the enter fob in your wallet. Ford and BMW offer an indistinguishable characteristic on top of a number of models; though they create you wave your foot under the abundant to activate it. Exactly how indolent you require existing is a matter linked with taste, other than the later method seems fewer vulnerable to inadvertent openings when you’re immediately frightening from side to side the car.

On the budge, the brand novel Sonata’s ride is spot winning, not on all bouncy such as history editions, and the log hut is muted. There is almost not anything to get excited concerning, though rejection causes to criticize, perhaps. I lately place 500 miles on the likewise trimmed Toyota Camry as healthy as came absent surprised that it’s the best-selling car in the USA. The Hyundai is much easier and refined, and with its epic warranties and five a lot of existence of roadside assistance, it’s actually value seem. Ultimately, the newest Sonata is additional of what it’s been: a competitive automobile on the value cost, which currently lives as a great deal as its musical person’s name in a big way.

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