Funny Car Paint Designs

Funny Car Paint Design
Painting is one piece of art. On the basis of the same sense, painting is a more complete development of the drawing.

Painting is a two-dimensional medium processing activities or three-dimensional surface of the object to get a certain impression. Medium painting could be anything, such as canvas, paper, board, and even a movie in photography can be regarded as a painting medium. The tools used can also vary, with the requirement to provide certain images to the media being used.

Creating design work is a process that had to be traversed from start to finish. And there is no process that is suddenly so without criticism and examination. The design process usually starts from brainstorming (collection of ideas), visualization of the form (form design), making the design (layout design / visualization), testing criticism (critiquing). Then the design of design work can be accepted and published to the public.

Funny Car Paint Designs

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