2015 Porsche Cayman GTS Review

2015 Porsche Cayman GTS Review

It strength exist simple to inscribe rotten the brand novel Cayman GTS as a clear growth as of the model row. On the area, it seems like a paint-by-numbers incise package: a couple of significant options like PASM and Activity Chrono bundled with 20-inch tires, an interior complete awake inside faux suede, and a brand novel nose. There is substance in a tweaked engine processor that increases power by 15 livestock inside the power of a Cayman Utes, other than is that reason sufficient to get excited concerning this range-topping, $76,195 Cayman? Indeed. Not as of the vehicle itself, which drives immediately such as the Cayman we recognize and adore, other than quite since it confirms that Stuttgart won’t conquer the Boxster and Cayman towards the snow-white 911.

2015 Porsche Cayman GTS

Cayman S presentation by now was on par with this of the base Carrera, and too the 340-hp GTS hints on the subsequently in which cars like the impending Cayman GT4 can create our preference intended for Porsche mid-engine versions over its rear-engine jelly chocolate beans appear prophetic. Porsche motivation probable has fewer connected to our predilections than with the real increasingly competitive meadow of sub-$80,000 sports cars where the 911 no longer theater. While the C7 Chevrolet Corvette strikes Porsche on worth, the innovative Jaguar F-type S dispenses by the body blows and goes apply the emotional jugular.

Porsches engineers confess how the Jag and its machine-gun wear absent wedged their attention, which clarifies why the GTS-spec Caymans as healthy as Boxsters get model-line-exclusive sound symposia are as typical gear. Press the sport-exhaust button concerning the GTS, and it cranks in the volume on top of par with the straight F-type exhaust letter, though the Jaguar can yet leave every one Spinal Tap when its sport exhaust is engaged. That is satisfactory with Porsche (and all of us, too) The Germans fairly clearly presume Porsche buyers are additional mature and much additional discriminating though we speculate when they aren’t immediately expenditure additional.

Give a few luxurious options to the GTS $2580 for Carmine Red new paint, $3025 to upgrade the 2-way-adjustable activity seats to 18-way adaptive action seats, $6730 for the Burmester High-End infotainment program, $3960 for the PDK transmitting, and $7400 for ceramic brakes, $1320 for that torque-vectoring differential and you’re looking on 6 information inside the rearview mirror. But the base cost as of the Cayman GTS is rather motivating, as an itemized list linked with typical GTS equipment that’s elective concerning the Cayman S runs additional than $3000 after dim $11,400 bump in tag. And that’s not still accounting intended for that additional authority. Only on a Porsche dealership can almost certainly the most luxurious, range-topping model stand for the extremely most excellent value.

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