2017 Honda Civic Interior, Trim Levels, Engines

The new Honda Civic is an amazing figure. There are many things that will be revised on this generation. It grows in size, which is a good thing since this means the interior will feel more open. The wheelbase is extended and the legroom is also becoming more generous. Another interesting fact is despite the increase in size, the new generation will be lighter. This has become such a huge trend in the auto world. The use of the right materials accounts for the weight reduction. And then, when it comes to performance, it also follows the trend of downsized engines. There are two options available, which are 1.0 and 1.5-liters. They both deliver great performance. There is another engine, which is a 1.6-liter diesel which also does a good job at propelling the car.

2017 Honda Civic Interior, Trim Levels, Engines

2017 Honda Civic interior

The interior is getting better. Take a look at the subtle tweaks of the dashboard. There you can see soft touch materials and smooth leather stitching. The touch points look very striking with the shiny black plastic trim. In general, the interior has grown in terms of beauty. You will be lured into trying the entertainment devices as well. The instrument cluster looks mesmerizing. Not only does it have a modern style, but it is also adorned with modern features. There you can see a crystal-clear TFT display. This will show you important information. The graphics are well-made. They look so real and detailed. The new wheelbase is longer, so it is expected that the cabin also becomes roomier.

2017 Honda Civic trim levels

The car is available in various trim levels items, namely S RRP, RRP SE, SR RRP, RRP SPORT, EX RRP, RRP Sport Plus, and Prestige RRP. It seems as though buyers have way too many choices. Well, we have no complaints because it means you can get exactly what you need. They offer different features and advantages, so make a comparison before you shop around. The performance is smooth, like it feels more planted than ever before. The steering wheel is easy to control and has a high level of accuracy. It is also very responsive.

2017 Honda Civic engines

Since there are smaller engines, the efficiency ratings will also get better. If you dream of having a reliable car with terrific efficiency, this is a way to go. The performance is satisfying. For your information, this will be one of the first to take advantage of the combination of an efficiency-boosting turbocharger and VTEC technology. There is a 1.0-liter petrol engine in the lineup. We have yet to see more detailed information about this engine.

One thing that has been revealed is that the engine is capable of producing 127 hp. This is a good figure, but the mpg ratings are also mind-blowing. They are rated at 60mpg. The best part is the car is designed in such a way to produce less CO2 emissions. Yes, it is very environmentally friendly. If you need more aggressive performance, don’t worry because another engine will also be introduced. It is a 1.5-liter model, puts out more power. With 180hp, it can propel the car much faster. The fuel economy is also commendable for this version, which is 47.1 mpg.

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