2017 Toyota C-HR Price, Engines, Features

The auto industry is waiting for the release of the new 2017 Toyota C-HR. It is wrapped in a modern design. It looks futuristic, something that needs to be adopted by other recent releases. It has everything to be a great competitor in the SUV segment. It looks sporty and comes with a variety of engines. Many are still wondering about the specs of this car. Well, the company has yet to unveil detailed information regarding this series. However, there have been reports from different sources that the new generation will be available with three engine choices, which are 1.200cc, 1.800cc, and 2000cc. Each model has a different base price. This applies to other cars as well.

2017 Toyota C-HR Price, Engines, Features

2017 Toyota C-HR price

The car is expected to have similar prices to the Nissan Juke. It is a mid-level SUV, so you don’t need to spend too much money. Of course, it is not the cheapest on the market, but we are sure the quality lives up to its price. It has a sporty design and looks more stunning than before. The headlamps are said to be revamped. Meanwhile, the fog lamps are round with unique detailing. We need to wait until the company discloses more information. The tail lights are also nicely designed. They remind us of the shape of a boomerang. The outer frame is marvelous and the car itself is pretty big, too. Another thing that we like is the high ground clearance. This helps the car smoothly wade through waterlogged streets.

2017 Toyota C-HR engines

As said before, the car will offer a few different engines to meet consumers’ needs. You can pick your own SUV. If you need a powerful car, then go for a bigger engine as it delivers more power and torque. It will be available worldwide and the engines are likely to vary from country to country. Broadly speaking, there will be three engines just like previously stated. The hybrid model is equipped with a 1.8-liter that can put out 96.51 hp and a torque of 193 nm. It also teams up with another electrical power source with a power output of 71.05. This means the car will really deliver great performance. As for the transmission, it is mated with a CVT transmission. Meanwhile, the naturally aspirated engine is responsible for putting out 147.45 horsepower.

2017 Toyota C-HR features

It will come with an array of features. The car needs them, so that it can better compete with other flagships in the niche, like the Honda HR-V and Nissan Juke. It needs to feature the ABS braking system combined with EBD and BA. This is none other than increasing the value of the car. As for the interior, it also needs to be upgraded to a point where it can give the others a run for their money. It is not just about beauty, though. Although a beautiful interior is important, safety measures also matter. For this reason, the series needs to come back harder with better safety equipment, like airbags and many others. The audio and multimedia systems should come in handy. They need to be placed properly and user-friendly. GPS navigation and parking sensors are only two of so many potential features this car may have.

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