Datsun GO-Cross Engines, Features, Exterior

This year will be interesting because there are many affordable cars offered to buyers. One of those cars is the Datsun GO-Cross. This is a new offering from the company. Just so you know, it is actually known as EM2. This series will go head to head with other great series from other companies, like the Ford Ecosport. There are 2 main markets for this car, India and Indonesia. So, expect that the assembly will be focused in these countries. That is a good thing for a reason. The car is suited for the local prices. It can now compete with other efficient cars in those countries.

Datsun GO-Cross Engines, Features, Exterior

When it comes to features, it is incredible. You can see many great features as expected from a flagship. For your information, the development will be based on the GO+ MPV platform. You may have been quite familiar with the platform. As for the seating options, the series is said to feature either 5 or 7 seats. If you need a bigger one to carry the whole family, then go for the latter. Those configurations provide buyers with more choices, so that they can buy what they really need.

Datsun GO-Cross engines

If you want to know the specs, the series will be powered by a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine. It is capable of producing 76bhp and 104Nm of torque. If you don’t find it interesting, do not worry because they add another to the lineup. That one is a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder In-Line Diesel. On the paper, this drivetrain churns out a smaller amount of power, but it offers better torque. Another important part is the mileage. This car is quite descent in this aspect. The mpg ratings are at 18kmpl / 20kmpl, city / highway.

Datsun GO-Cross features

It has a long list of awesome features, but we will mention the parts that grab the most attention. The LED fog lights, hexagonal grille, and auxiliary circular lamps are among the noticeable parts. There are also other enhancements on the exterior. For example, the wheels are finished with chrome. They make the car look modern and in style. Besides, we love the fact that the bumper also has silver accents. This again makes the car look new and fresh. There are many other key features, including LED headlamps, LED taillight, and high ground clearance. The last one is important especially if you need to drive over bumpy roads on a daily basis.

Datsun GO-Cross exterior

The Datsun GO-Cross is a magnificent car. The exterior may resemble any other crossover on the market, but it is still distinctive. You can spot many differences compared to its rivals. There are many things that grab our attention. The elongated frame is the first one. As for the construction, the series will be light. It is on par as the previous generation when it comes to weight. Meanwhile, a high ground clearance is there to keep you safe while cruising around. This needs to be a necessity for every release this year. The front fascia is also exceptionally good. Nothing is better than a chrome bezel. It takes the front end to the next level. The silver bumper adds to its sophistication.

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