Suzuki Ertiga Diesel Overview, Specs, and Performance

Suzuki Ertiga Diesel is soon to be released in Indonesia. As the name suggests, the special feature of this series is the introduction of a diesel engine. All this time we have had only one option, which is a petrol engine. This will bring something new to the table. Should you consider this for a ride? Sure, if you really anticipate it for the engine, then it is worth the wait. The company had actually planned this feature long ago, but it’s only possible recently because there were problems that they had to address first. One of those problems was the quality of diesel fuel in Indonesia. They needed more time for the company Pertamina to come up with Dexlite. This is a great alternative to the usual diesel fuel. It has better quality now, but at the same time comes in affordable prices.

Suzuki Ertiga Diesel Overview, Specs, and Performance

Suzuki Ertiga Diesel specs

It will go down in history as the first to offer this type of engine in the lineup. Ertiga is highly successful and has become a favorite family car. It is easy to spot this car running down the roads. The quality of the diesel engine is top-notch. It is a bit reminiscent of the one that was released earlier in India. The efficiency ratings are also good. It is unusual for a car to utilize this type of fuel, which is why it makes a good option for car enthusiasts. The engine utilizes the technology Ddis, allows the car to put out up to 90 hp. In comparison, the K14B DOHC 4-cylinder 1400 cc generates more power. However, it is not a big deal since the torque is considerably higher in this series compared to that one using the previously mentioned engine.

With that in mind, this car is perfect for stop-and-go kind of drive. To be more specific, the engine is called a K14B 1.4 liter VVT. The performance is lower from the previous generation, but the drop is not that significant. It was 95 hp, and now it is 92 hp. Since the engine is a bit less powerful, you will benefit more from fuel efficiency. Yes, the car will be more efficient, and you don’t need to worry too much about fuel.

Suzuki Ertiga Diesel performance

There are numerous improvements in its engine. The engine is made of resin, which is known for being lightweight. On the inside, it also uses a better cooling system. It comes with a bigger water jacket. It allows the liquid cooling works more efficiently. Another thing that you can pay attention to is the exhaust camp duration. It is larger along with the piston dome. They team up to offer better efficiency. Who doesn’t want an efficient car? If you live in a big city where you can get stuck in traffic jams for hours, this is the best thing you can have. The best part is, it does not end there. There are many other major improvements, including the front / rear grille, alloy wheels, chrome fog lamp bezels, etc. You will be surprised by the enhancements applied to this wonderful car.

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