Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer Release, Design, Features

The release of the Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer is around the corner. This lavish car is a new flagship of the company. It will be a new member of the MPV 7-searter lineup. What do you expect from the wonderful series? Among other cars released in Indonesia, this one is pretty costly. It makes sense because it offers generous features. It is also considered a premium car. There are a few updates, but the most prominent ones are the exterior and interior. The engines are highly like to be similar to the predecessor. It will be powered by a 2393 cc diesel that puts out 149 hp and torque of 360 nm.

Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer

Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer release

The series is comparable to the Nissan Serena HWS Autech in a lot of ways. They are similar in price, so you can compare their features and specs when the new Venturer has arrived. The new Innova will take on the road, now buyers have more choices from the company. You should prepare for the money to get one. Is it exclusive for the Indonesian market? Well, India already has one although it goes by a different name, which is the Innova Crysta.

They are both the upper tier in their family, though. Despite the high base price, you can expect a lot. When it comes to materials, this series is also developed using magnificent materials that not only improve its strength, but also make it more efficient. We’ve also heard recently that the Yaris Heykers will be here soon. The thing is this series was already available for preorder earlier than the Venturer. We’re sure the new series will live up to people’s expectations. It is not here to play. It will take you by surprise. Just wait and see until the company reveals its design, exterior, and interior.

Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer design

On the front, there are LEDs and projector lamps. These lamps are hailed for their efficiency. Besides, they are also very bright. You need these lamps in low-light conditions. The grille is hexagonal, gives the car a sporty appearance. Meanwhile, the wheels are alloy-based. They look majestic and modern. Just compare them to other recent releases. You will find them very appealing and futuristic. These were not the only things we like about this car. The interior is further tweaked with the addition of new leather seats. They feel very comfy. The design is also beautiful. Well, it is expected for the price. There are many other great features, including automatic AC. Multi-functional driving system is also here to provide additional comfort to the driver. You are probably not the only one that will use the car. If you share it others, they will feel comfortable thanks to this feature.

Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer features

We have to wait for more information about the drivetrain. There’s more we can talk about, though. The leather seats are not the only outstanding part of the interior. Check out these features as well. There are TFT screen, ambient led lighting, smart key, Bluetooth connectivity, and many others. The main screen is 7-inches. While it is pretty standard, it comes with voice commands. All these additions are available for the base model, now imagine if you upgrade. You will enjoy more advanced features.

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