How To Fix a Car Battery

If you wonder how to fix a car battery, we will share some tips for you. You may have had dead batteries before and decided to replace them instead of fixing. Some people believe that a battery can still be restored by adding more acid. First of all, it is important to know the difference between an old and a new battery. Earlier batteries need constant checkups. The newer ones are much easier to handle. In fact, they are pretty much maintenance-free. There is nothing you can do to look inside those batteries because they are properly sealed.

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Older batteries can lose water, but you can add distilled water. Acid is not the right element to add into these devices because it tends to damage them faster. You would want your battery to last longer, right? The way a battery works really determines the upkeep. Most batteries last for a long time before they start to lose their ability to hold a charge. The average battery lasts for 5 years. It can be longer especially newer models. If you don’t want to waste time taking care of your battery, buy a newer design because it is more durable. It can last for 10 years even with minimal upkeep.

How to fix a car battery that doesn’t work

There are many things you can do to extend its life, though. It is better to preserve than fixing it when it has been severely damaged. What should you do to fix a battery? First of all, observe the physical appearance of the battery to ensure that there is no damage on its surface. This is also to find out if there is any missing element. Take a look at the cables, they need to attach to the battery securely. When one is loose, it can cause a problem. Corrosion is another common issue because as we all know, it uses metal as well. Anything made of metal is not free of corrosion. Next, combine between gear and clutch. Try to connect the black cable with the negative point.

As you do this, prepare for a metal surface. It can be anything, and then connect it with the other end of the black cable. You may notice that the engine starts working. To stop it from moving, you must rev the engine in neutral. It probably takes more than 15 minutes to re-charge the battery, so keep the engine running. It is also a necessity to check out the ignition switches. They should be off as you’re testing on the battery. Next, try to locate the plus and minus of the battery.

It shouldn’t be hard to identify both of them since most batteries have clear +/- marks. Just make sure you read the signs correctly. Keep the engine running for a while because you don’t want the battery to stop working like before. It is a good idea to take it to a nearby workshop to find out if the battery can be significantly extended. As we all know, every case is different. Let the worker inspect the battery and come up with the right answer. Fixing a battery needs to be careful because it contains a lot of toxic chemicals. In other words, safety comes first. That’s how to fix a car battery.

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