How To Fix a Car Phone Holder

We have to thank technology because it makes our lives easier. There have been so many innovations that can help us do a lot of things. Car phone holders are one of those innovations. They may look simple, but are very useful at the same time. Not everyone has this installed in their car. If you doesn’t have one, yet, we suggest you mount one on the dashboard. It is an easy way to look at the Smartphone while driving. We know it can be dangerous to drive while checking the phone. This is solely for safety driving. There is no reason to take eyes off the road because your safety is much more important.

How To Fix a Car Phone Holder

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This device is actually pretty simple as it serves to hold a Smartphone. It can hold just about any type of Smartphone available today. Shop around because there are many car phone holders to be found in stores. They come with different features and prices. With this device, you no longer need to constantly grab the phone in your pocket whenever it rings. Just put it on the holder and it will turn into a laptop. Choose a durable phone holder. It is okay to pay more as long as it lasts longer. But, what should you do when it’s broken? You can fix it by unpacking the elements and finding out how the holder works.

How to fix car phone holder

Here’s how to fix car phone holder. The most crucial step is disassembling. You must pay attention to where each component is mounted because putting them together takes a lot of work. Keep in mind that the construction of every phone holder is unique. However, we believe they share similar designs. First of all, put it down. If it is attached on the window, you need to remove it. And then, remove the screws. There can be four or more depending on the brand. Some screws are probably a bit hidden, so make sure you can locate all of them.

Most of these things open like a clam shell. Aside from screws, expect to find springs inside the device. There are usually plastic thingies as well. Now that all the elements have been detached, you should observe how the holder actually works. For example, if you found out that the device couldn’t slide up and down easily, it probably has to do with the gears. You need to put them back in place. Place them in the right positions or where they are supposed to be. Those gears all need to be located next to each other because they work together.

Next, pay attention to the springs. There are probably holes inside the holder in which the springs are placed. The number of springs varies on each product. Let’s say there are two when you open up the lid. See where the springs are placed because you need to put them where they belong when everything is done. The last step is to test. This is crucial because if you’ve done it right, the holder will work again. But if there is something wrong with the assembly, the problem will still persist. It is not hard to understand, so we’re sure you can do it successfully. That’s how to fix car phone holder.

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