How To Fix a Carburetor

A carburetor is an important part of a car. As we all know, a car may look simple from the outside, but there lies a bunch of individual elements beneath the hood. What is the purpose of this element? The primary function is to combine gasoline and air. This results in a highly combustible mixture. It also affects other aspects of your car, including its speed. Therefore, it makes an essential element that you need to learn about. First of all, know the configuration of a carburetor. There are several different parts that make up this metal thing.

How to fix carburetor

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Pay attention to the piston. As it moves down, it draws air from the cylinder. At the same time, a vacuum occurs. This would create airflow. In other words, a vacuum is the most important thing in this mechanism. It flows through the carburetor, which later triggers the suction of fuel through the intake manifold. Just like other elements, this can also face a problem. To identify the problem, you need to detach it from the engine first. Prepare for a container as you need it to catch the gas. The next step is to inspect corrosion in the carburetor.

How to fix a carburetor

If this is the root of the problem, then replacing with a new one seems to the most feasible solution. If it doesn’t exist, we suggest you rebuild it. Rebuilding is not necessarily cheaper, but this can increase your knowledge of this part. The same problem can happen in the future, so you don’t need to replace it over and over again. As said before, buying a new carburetor can be cheaper, but rebuilding is also an option. Let’s say you go for the second option. All you have to do is disassemble the carburetor. Keep in mind that there are smaller parts in this metal thing, so you need a workbench to work on that.

You can also work on a light surface because it creates a contrast with the small parts. If some are missing, you can get into trouble. It is better to work on it from the bottom. Don’t forget to keep the small parts close together. Next, you have to buy a kit containing new parts. This is the essence of rebuilding. Instead of replacing in its entirety, you only replace some of the elements. After you’ve got a new kit containing the new parts, prepare for them. The next step is to match the o-rings and gaskets to the old ones. The parts that don’t belong in the carburetor should be put aside.

A kit may contain more items than you need. Rebuilding sometimes means to replace only several parts. Aside from a carburetor rebuild kit, you will need a carburetor cleaner, stiff wire, and plastic gloves. Only use a cleaner meant for this item or you can damage it further. It is sold at auto parts stores nationwide, so it will not be hard to find one. Soak the small parts in the liquid for like an hour. It can actually be replaced with a spray version, but the former is more effective. After waiting for one hour, rinse them off and dry with compressed air. Put them back in place. That’s how to fix a carburetor.

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