Indonesian Car Brands You Need to Know

There are many international car brands in Indonesia. However, Indonesian people also have made their own cars. While they need further improvement, it shows that these people are creative. Now we will take a look at some Indonesian car brands that have been created locally. GEA is the first that we would like to introduce. GEA stands for ‘Gulirkan Energi Alternatif’. It uses premium fuel and gas. The engine was developed by BPPT, while the exterior frame was done by PT INKA Madiun. People had the chance to see this car at the Jakarta International Expo of 2018. It can speed up to 85 kmh. It is not the best car in the game, which is understandable because when it was revealed, it was actually still under development.

Indonesian Car Brands

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Another unique car that you need to know is the Komodo. It has been distributed to several countries, actually. This may be surprising knowing how new the brand is. It is not an expensive car as you can get it at half the price of the average car. The Maleo is another original car made in Indonesia. It was pioneered by one of the Indonesian presidents, BJ Habibie. The engine capacity is 1300 cc. It was also assembled using local components. He teamed up with a car manufacturer from Australia to develop the car. However, it development was stopped because the available budget was used for another project known as the Timor.

Indonesian car brands and series

The Timor is another car made by creative Indonesian people. The designer was Zagato Italia. This also had the same faith as the predecessor. The development was stopped due to the monetary crisis in 1998. There are many others, like the Tawon. The manufacturer was PT Super Gasindo Jaya. The interesting part was that the car also came in a variant powered by gas. Esemka is also very popular as it was not long ago when the president revived this brand. It is made by students and has promising specifications. It is available in several models with varying seats and designs.

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Aside from these cars, foreign manufacturers also assemble their products in Indonesia, one of which is a Toyota. Toyota has assembled their cars domestically for quite a long time. They have released so many models, like the Avanza, Fortuner, Agya, and Yaris. All of them have been getting rave reviews from the public. This company is known for their quality cars, no wonder their products are highly successful in the local market. Honda is another famous company when it comes to Indonesian car brands. It is actually one of the biggest car companies in the world.

With years of history, they have improved their products to a point where people are excited about every new release. They also assemble their products in Indonesia, only Civic is imported in its entirety. The plants exist in several locations, like in Karawang. They are responsible for creating the Brio, Mobilio, and other popular series. Suzuki is another successful company in Indonesia. They already have 4 plants in Cikarang. There are so many series that have been released, like the Swift, Vitara, Ertiga, and Splash. These series are well-known in the country just like other manufacturers’ releases. That’s all about Indonesian car brands.

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