How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

As the owner of a car, you must remember that the interior and exterior need the same amount of treatment. Sure, the exterior gets dirty easily because it comes in contact with the environment. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that the interior can also get dirty especially if you like to eat there.

There are many parts of the interior that can be tainted by dust, food crumbs, and other types of dirt. Now we want to tell how to clean your car’s interior. Remember that it is a huge investment. Some people don’t plan on using a car forever. They want to sell it again at some point and get a new one. We will share some tips on how to clean these areas.

How to clean your car's interior

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Car seats

First thing first, pay attention to the seats and upholstery. We really suggest you clean the stain buildup on their surfaces. It is important to know that there are different types of seat materials. For example, you need to treat leather differently from synthetic materials because they are completely different. With organic materials like leather, you need to pay more attention as it is more prone to wear and tear.

  1. Start by choosing a cleaning product. As said before, it should be tailored to the specific type of material the seats are made of. If the seats are made of leather, then look for a cleaner that doesn’t cause damage to this material.
  2. After getting the cleaning product, apply it to a small portion of the seat and see if it changes color or not. If it doesn’t, then it means that the product is safe. Otherwise, you would need to use another product.
  3. Clean the seats and crevices with a vacuum cleaner. A brush is also welcome. Don’t apply the product before the seats are clean. Remove any debris you spot on their surfaces.
  4. Get a bucket of hot water, add the cleaning product according to the recommended dosage. Soak a sponge in the mixture. Squeeze a little bit, so that the sponge is not too wet. And then, rub it all over the seats. Do this repeatedly until all the seats are covered in the mixture. Once again, don’t let them get too wet.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes and rub the seats again, but this time with only a sponge containing water. This is to remove the cleaning product. Once you’re done, remove the excess water with a dry towel.

Carpet and floor mats

To protect your car’s interior, especially the carpeting, then you must remove the stains the moment you see them. Don’t wait until they dry out because it will be harder to clean this way. It is better to clean the carpet and floor mats outside. This will be no hassle compared to doing it while they are still attached inside of your car. So if it’s easy to take them out, just do it. Additionally, remove all unnecessary items like CDs, pillows, bottles, and others, so that you can do the cleaning more easily.

Now if you wonder how to clean carpeting, there are some methods. Steam cleaning is a good option, mainly because this type of cleaning loosens up the stubborn stains that appear on the carpet. What does it take to do this type of cleaning? You have to buy a vapor steamer. This device can heat water up to 320 degrees and turn it into vapor. It can later be used to remove stubborn stains. This way, the floor mats will be much cleaner. When combined with other methods like brushing, it will deliver great results.

Just spray the vapor all over the mats until the stains loosen up. And then, use a brush to break them down. If you want to try another method, try baking soda. It has long been used to clean stubborn stains. It is cheap and effective. Just purchase a box of baking soda, dilute it with water. Apply it all over the carpet and brush the stains off. Alcohol can also be an alternative, but please be careful because it can cause discoloration. It should be mixed with water to reduce its viscosity.

How to clean your car's interior 2

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Now, take a look at the dashboard. This area can also turn dusty if you rarely clean it. Thankfully, cleaning the dashboard is just as easy as cleaning the seats. Here are the steps that you have to take:

  1. Use a microfiber cloth to remove dirt and debris. Rub it all over the dashboard, including the center console, gearshift, knobs, and other parts nearby. You can use water to trap the dirt. Wipe out the excess water using a dry cloth.
  2. The next step is applying a polish on the dashboard. This chemical can help return the shine of the dashboard. Although this treatment is not mandatory, you can do it every now and then. After the application, the area will look shiny and brand new. Apply the chemical using a microfiber cloth, but it should be different from the cloth you used to remove dirt. Make sure the whole part is covered in it. There are many polish products available in stores. You can buy one with a glossy effect or a matte effect. They look a bit different, so just choose to your liking. It can be replaced with olive oil, but this may not be the safest option because it can cause discoloration. Apply a small amount to a particular area before applying on a broader surface. That’s how to clean your car’s interior.

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