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How to fix carburetor

How To Fix a Carburetor

A carburetor is an important part of a car. As we all know, a car may look simple from the outside, but there lies a bunch of individual elements beneath the hood. What is the purpose of this element? The primary functio...
How to fix a car alarm

How To Fix a Car Alarm

If you have a car, we believe you are already familiar with car alarms. This device needs to be paired with every vehicle that you have. The reason is because it can deter thieves. Remember that your car is not under sup...
How To Fix a Car Phone Holder

How To Fix a Car Phone Holder

We have to thank technology because it makes our lives easier. There have been so many innovations that can help us do a lot of things. Car phone holders are one of those innovations. They may look simple, but are very u...